Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Some bacteria are in an environment in which a person moves, for him dangerous, pathogenic and causing disease. Such bacteria must human immune system, if possible, eliminated.

How's he doing?

This must be trained. It may occur naturally or may be realized by the active form of training - vaccination. Vaccination in practice and logically carried out only against the most the 31 day fat loss  dangerous and most common infectious agents.

Compared to other training must take place naturally, that human contact with such agents in the environment in which the individual moves?

Whether the training is sufficient and effective and allows the man to deal with the attack of the originator so that it will not even notice it depends on many factors.

Which It depends on a number of agents, which include the bacteria in the environment at the time when the individual encounters with them, the overall condition of the individual and his input paths (especially respiratory and gastrointestinal tract, skin), the current state of the nervous and endocrine systems, which together with the immune system contributes to the discount health plans homeostasis of the level of nutrition (nutrition).

All this is of course still subject individually inborn capabilities of each of us.

The short answer to these two questions should therefore be as follows: Encounters with the bacteria in our body is natural and even necessary, if these bacteria occurring in the environment to a reasonable extent, but for each type of bacteria, and for each one of us may be different.

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