Tuesday, 15 January 2013


They are found in increased concentrations at the inside of the sheet. If we cut this part, we lose a significant amount of MOS. Modern production methods now allow you to use sheet in its entirety and get it all irritants.

There is therefore no longer necessary to manually cut sheet. This allows obtaining pulp of aloe Vera highest quality, rich in MOS. It is also preferable marrow produce so-called "cold" because some MOS pasteurization destroys.

 If you are, then, the highest quality, always ask for the aloe Vera whole leaf - rich in MOS, without alone, emoting and other irritating anorak hinting - produced cold pasteurized and not based concentrates. Dr. Danton is a gastroenterologist.
                             DUKE PETERSON VISION WITHOUT GLASSES $ 2013
 During the years he vividly interested in the acquisition and evaluation of active substances from plants, which are already used in folk medicine.

Has published more than 80 research articles and has advised many pharmaceutical research institutes.

Worked as a consultant for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), where he worked on research projects and committees that dealt mainly gastrointestinal disorders.  offers juice whole leaf aloe Vera here

Cayenne pepper is a special variety of ground red chili peppers. The active substance capsaicin has many positive health effects

Cayenne Pepper - Capsicum putrescent

Kilimanjaro pepper significantly reduces excessive blood clotting. It has been shown that regulates blood flow, strengthens the heart, arteries and capillaries.

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