Wednesday, 23 January 2013


What routine activities carried out automatically, is suddenly unclear.

So what are the rules for proper breathing? Human breathing during exercise is a classic so demanding that it increases physical activity while raising body  DUKE PETERSON VISION temperature, increased heart rate and the heart works and all body systems.

 Breath in a moment of physical activity accelerates. Remember a basic rule breathing while strengthening the body the contraction of the muscle workout, and against the resistance of the exhalation.

Example, if you lie on your back and strengthen direct abdominal muscle in the scar convince (see figure) at back to the starting position as you breathe breath, muscle and curtailed his involvement exhale.

In Classical Conditioning exercises using breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
 You can exhale emphasize. Another option possible way in enhancing breathing with heavier loads (egg with dumbbells), is cast in the starting position to have muscle enough oxygen for their work in motion and hold your breath at the end of the movement, at its completion, exhale deeply.

This form of breathing, however, really only used with high physical load Warning for all who have heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes or other diseases of circulatory system - holding your breath in these cases is dangerous.

To realize breathing, lie on your back and watch your breath. Take a deep breath, exhale and hold your breath for a moment. Then breathe.

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