Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Yeast Infection No More Scam - Say An Operation To Remove It Obligatory

Thrush - to find and neutralize have thrush. Which means I did not only healed, but after some time the disease comes back. Tell me what to do? Irina, Saratov-The medical yeast infection no more  name of thrush - vaginal Canadianism. Perpetrators of its appearance - yeast fungi Candida. Over the past 50 years, the incidence of fungal infections has increased by about 10 times. And all because the fungi are extremely common in the environment. Mushrooms and live on fruits and vegetables, dairy products and feed the animals and birds. In addition to this source of infection may be the man himself. Candida fungi can nap on the skin and mucosa is healthy person, not showing its harmful properties. But immunity is weakened slightly as our flora About Linda Allen loses its protective properties and mushrooms "wake up and attack."The reasons for the activity of fungi varied. Most often it is:The use of birth control pills The uncontrolled use of antibiotics (such as tetracycline, etc.);

Food prepared with the use of yeast - bread, crackers, cheese, wine and beer (although not all doctors agree with this);Products with the sugar content; Chronic fatigue;Too frequent sex in a short period of time;Sex without exciting foreplay, which leads to a lack of lubricatio Constant wearing tight clothing such as jeans, tights or pants made of synthetic materials Use of vaginal deodorant sprays or beauty, colored or perfumed toilet paper, scented, colored or antibacterial soap;Walking in wet bathing suit for a long time;The use of steroids such as prisoner Presence of other diseases or infections.

Prevent yeast infection is difficult, because of the disease no one is immune. Mushrooms get into the body, not only from the outside, there are also internal causes of their activation. For example, Canadianism - quite common among pregnant women. But it is dangerous to the fetus, as in childbirth child is at risk from the mother, passing through the birth canal. The fungus can affect any organ of the newborn, particularly vulnerable candidate DAME premature babies and those who do not receive breast milk. Their micro-flora is very weak and unable to protect the body from infection. So, before you have a child, you have to complete the survey.

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