Saturday, 2 February 2013

Yeast Infection No More Scam - Edible Mushrooms Are Helpful For Yeast Infection

Edible mushrooms or serve as a vital source of food for the yeast and fungus in our body, so also from this point of view, their consumption in order.

The yeast is another reason why some yeast infection no more people cause serious health problems, this reason no longer applies only to people sensitive to a substance called manning, which are present in some fungi. In yeast, these substances are present (and in them, even if they are dead yeast, e.g. in yeast for baking bread).

The edible mushrooms manna contained are not, therefore, consumption of mushrooms is safe from that perspective.

Not very sweet fruit - kiwi, apple

Very rarely - yogurt with live cultures (especially good are goats, TESCO available in the network.
2x week, fish in small quantities.

Seeds - sesame thin, pumpkin seeds, flax seed.

Coconut oil - excellent for eliminating Candida / three tablespoons a day - in the morning with buckwheat, afternoon and evening with kohlrabi soup with vegetables give enough energy and fills /

Herbs just not sharp, marjoram, oregano, turmeric, cinnamon
Very suitable are nutritional supplements such as Young Barley, or Alf.

If you eat these foods, yeast practically disappears almost immediately 2-3 months and die of hunger.

Piece venom is most represented in the colon, so that if the amount of food consumed without having been there, they have no chance of survival.

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