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In the elderly, bronchitis and sinusitis can go to chronic. Diagnosis is based on seismological examination - examination of specific IBM antibodies and paired serum GIGO antibodies. Isolation of virus from the experiment pharyngeal swab is performed on chick embryos and tissue cultures.

Third Occurrence
Around the world the disease has been demonstrated in all age groups

Source - reservoir
Probably man Virus or antibodies against him were not detected in birds or other animals.
 The route of transmission

Is not clear possible direct contact with objects contaminated with secretions from patients as well as airborne transmission?
Incubation time

Relatively long, more than 10 days.
The period of infectiousness
Is not specified, but assumed long as eight months.

Susceptibility is general, increased in patients with chronic respiratory disease. Immunity after the disease is imperfect, recurrence of pneumonia caused by TEAR agents was repeatedly observed.

Principles of therapy
Tetracycline or erythrocyte orally for 10-14 days
Epidemiological measures preventive compliance with the basic rules of hygiene when coughing, sneezing, washing hands repressive disease reporting active search for patients and targeted therapy Chlamydia conjunctivitis agent

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  1. Probably man Virus or antibodies Food Lovers Diet  against him were not detected in birds or other animals.