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The emergence and development of Eczema is highly individual. The causes of the outbreak or worsening of eczema are three.  The first is an exaggerated pathological immune response to a specific allergen. 

Furthermore, cutaneous insufficiency given atypical formation of skin lipids that are able to bind water and the skin is dry and thin and allows penetration of various allergens. A third reason may be tuned nervous system. This is causing increased itching, skin irritation and sensitivity with regard to the mental state of the individual.
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Difficult life situations, stress and dissatisfaction lead to increased incidence of seeding, frequent scratching and overall deterioration. He calming atomic dermatitis must find which allergens are causing deterioration. These substances are then trying to avoid. It is generally advised to limit long socks in hot and cold water, not wearing woolen clothes and avoid sweating, unless the possibility of subsequent shower.

 Important is to avoid allergens from living areas, which are often hidden in carpets patrician and domestic animals. Frequent provocation factors are dust mites, dust, pollen, feathers, bacteria and other aggressive substances. Also, there are known various types of food allergies  is usually recommended to enjoy dairy products, eggs, irritating foods, soy, chocolate and irritating vegetables and fruits.
eczema free forever review

But this is only a recommendation, since food allergy is highly specific and it is for each to reveal what causes it.  Deterioration is also typically occurs in spring and autumn because of climatic conditions. Since the great merit of diseases have a genetic predisposition, there is no truly effective prevention exists. If you suffer from this disease both parents, is likely to develop eczema in their offspring about 80%. If the eczema is only one of the parents, this probability is around 55% but may be affected by children who no ancestors with similar disease do not an important role are played by the interplay of internal and external environmental factors and intensity of provocation.

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